Dedicated Gold care Technicians
Introducing the Gold Care program

With extensive technical trade schooling experience in Florida and North Carolina, Cody Waite brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Not only is Cody known for his impressive technical skills, but his outstanding customer service has also earned the recognition and appreciation of our loyal clients.

Service Team

Cody Waite

I resonate deeply with Extreme Heating’s core values, including our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer care, fair pricing, and our close-knit team dynamic. I value the familial atmosphere we’ve cultivated within our company. Beyond professional life, I enjoy spending quality time fly fishing, enjoying my passion for dogs where we breed, and participating in dog events. My active life revolves around my young family and my furry family of nine dogs. My signature phrase is ‘Cody Waite, How can I make your day Great?

—Cody Waite