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Meet Shane, Our Founder and Leader

Meet Shane Thom, a certified HVAC technician and president of Extreme Heating and Air. Shane’s passion and unwavering dedication to serving the Eagle River community and its neighboring cities are at the heart of our company. He understands the vital role local businesses play in their communities and is committed to supporting them whenever possible.

Shane firmly believes that our team is our greatest asset, and he takes great pride in ensuring their well-being, as they, in turn, take excellent care of our valued clients. His leadership is characterized by a deep appreciation for teamwork and fostering a positive, growth-oriented work environment.

When he’s not leading Extreme Heating and Air to new heights, Shane enjoys spending quality time camping and snowmobiling with his family. His commitment to both our clients and his team is at the core of what makes Extreme Heating and Air the trusted name it is today.

Thomas Jurancich – Plumbing Manager
With over two decades of industry expertise under my belt, joining Extreme Heating & Air feels like finding a family within the professional sphere. Outside these walls, I’m not just a long-distance runner and triathlon enthusiast; I’m a relentless pursuer of challenges. Like sharks unapologetically dominating the depths, I dive into each day with an appetite for accomplishment, reminding everyone around me to seize the day with ferocity.



Cli​​nt Butler – HVAC Manager

Mastering the Art of HVAC: A Thrilling Journey at Extreme Heating and Air

Embracing the artistry of HVAC at Extreme Heating and Air has been a fascinating expedition, blending knowledge with boundless passion. What began as a desire to learn and immerse myself in a skilled trade has evolved into an exhilarating day-to-day challenge, inspiring constant growth and innovation. Guided by Shane’s fervor for this industry, I’ve flourished both professionally and personally during my fulfilling nine-year tenure.

Beyond the workshop, my heart finds its truest joy in family and the great outdoors. Nature beckons us, providing a vast canvas for shared adventures—whether hiking through scenic trails, camping under the stars, or casting a line while fishing. As a devoted family man, my sons’ enthusiasm for sports like baseball, soccer, and skiing adds an extra layer of joy and motivation to my journey.

In the realm of Extreme Heating and Air, I channel this enthusiasm into every project, ensuring our clients experience exceptional service and comfort. Outside of work, I take on another thrilling role: as a former professional skier, competing at the top echelons of the sport. The same determination and drive that pushes me to excel in my HVAC craft fuel my pursuit of excellence on the slopes.

Jacob Way – Service Manager

Embracing the power of connection and driven by the spirit of community betterment, Extreme Heating & Air provides me with the platform and the challenge to impact both my team and the community we serve positively. As a family man, I find joy in family bonds, the thrill of the hunt, and the serenity of fishing. “Jacob Way, how can I make your day?”



Drew Uhrmacher – Logistic Manager

From Veteran to Logistic Maestro: Navigating Challenges, Delivering Excellence

As a veteran, husband, and proud father of five—four wonderful girls and a spirited son—my life is a tapestry of responsibilities and adventures. Fishing and hiking in the great outdoors rejuvenates my spirit, offering moments of serenity amidst life’s hustles.

At Extreme Heating and Air, I’ve found a home where each day brings a new, invigorating challenge. I thrive on perpetual learning and growth, embracing the ethos of “adapt and overcome any and all obstacles that come your way” This mentality fuels my passion to conquer any obstacle that comes my way.

Carrie Bath – Office Manager

With over 35 years of experience in HR and accounting across diverse company sizes, my journey has led me to Extreme Heating & Air. The dynamic, family-owned environment here has reinvigorated my passion for what I do. At Extreme Heating and Air, the work is anything but mundane. Beyond numbers and paperwork, my life is enriched by workouts, cherished moments with my husband and grown boys, the escape of a good book, and the joy of baking. It’s the perfect blend of professional and personal fulfillment.



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