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Meet our founder and leader, Shane Thom, the heartbeat of Extreme Heating & Air. Unwavering dedication to service and a mission to redefine comfort ignited the inception of Extreme Heating & Air in May 2009. Those early days saw him, alongside his devoted family, laying the very foundation of our company right within their own garage.

Shane’s expertise and commitment to excellence in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing were cultivated during his time in the Air Force. This experience armed him with valuable skills and knowledge that would shape his journey in the industry. His dedication to serving his country for four years also led to his HVAC certification, further fueling his determination to excel.

More than a business leader, Shane is a loving husband and father to two wonderful children. He embodies the values instilled in him during his military service, emphasizing precision, discipline, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Management Team

Management Team

Shane takes immense pride in being the owner of Extreme Heating & Air, viewing it not merely as a business but as a means to create a positive impact on the community. He believes in providing warmth and security to homes, instilling a sense of safety and comfort in every household we serve.

His tireless dedication ensures that when the need for heating and plumbing services arises, Extreme Heating & Air is the first and only name that comes to mind. Shane’s dream is to epitomize reliability and excellence in the industry, and he continues to strive hard to realize this vision.

Join us in saluting Shane Thom, our visionary leader, and celebrate the warmth and comfort he brings to countless homes and lives.

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At Extreme Heating & Air, we’re not just about heating and plumbing— we’re about your well-being and peace of mind.